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n the almost 40 years of my life, I have most likely pondered a little too much about life, meaning and myself. Quite often I have been a prisoner of my own stormy and contradictory thoughts and too often I have tried to live up to others and my own delusions, neglecting my true beliefs and life itself. But the contradiction that has grown out of all my often conflicting facets and interests has always pushed me forward and ultimately enriched me. To my satisfaction, this is a circumstance that has lost its paralyzing horror over the years and has rather matured into an enriching element within me.

I am an artist and yet I carry the gene of the scientist in me, I am a father and family man and yet an eternal seeker and hermit in my spirit. I love the familiar and yet cannot do without adventure, my head is loud and demanding and so is my heart. I am soft and sensitive and yet not seldom I feel a deep rage inside me that frightens me and repels me. I am an Austrian and yet cosmopolitan; I am a human being and yet so often fail in this claim that I associate with it, but the more I recognize myself in my “being human” and the more I truly deal with myself, the more I am able to feel and also the more I am able to communicate. This realization has led me to the conviction that not only a “more” of knowledge is immanently important in life, but above all a “more” of feeling, love and “sincerely felt things” in this world. Ultimately, this is what I try and dare to do in all my projects, whether as an actor, presenter, director or coach: to be human in love, to be an adventure of life.

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The Enemy is fear, we think it is hate, but it is fear!

- Mahatma Gandhi

The Actor



he unquenchable curiosity for life, the desire to discover and the love of adventure, both inside and outside, have always inspired me for acting. It is the related discovery and experience of myself and the hope to experience a truth about the world in action. This perpetual striving for insight and knowledge on a material and spiritual level drives me again and again and does not let me get away from the transcendental, communicative experience that acting can be.

True understanding of a character, or even of myself, is never a question of the mind alone, but entirely a question of my courage and the limits I am willing to cross. Are we brave enough to live and share our love in this world? To give up the space of the familiar at regular intervals in order to experience the new? The courage to do this arises from the love for me and the world around me and is a prerequisite for true vulnerability and openness. Only from this can ultimately arise a realization whose foundation is not based on prejudices and preconceived expectations and which creates a permeability in play and life that goes beyond us as individuals and allows us to sense the divine, spiritual.

I am therefore also deeply convinced that man and actor cannot be separated from each other. All the themes that accompany, constitute and inhibit me as a human being are the same themes that make me grow and or fail on stage. The truthfulness and sincerity of myself as a person, my environment and the things around me do not stop at the entrance to the stage or in front of the camera, and vice versa. It is not the pretence that touches and impresses, but the courage of the player to reveal himself in all his strengths and weaknesses; as a person and as an actor – moment by moment, beat by beat!

It is all these experiences that have led me consistently in my other fields of activity, and now, I hope, I will be able to unfold in these as well.

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The Director


he need to tell and communicate is the nucleus of all my undertakings and the root of my work as a director and actor. Long before I dared to think in the dimension of the actor, however, the wish and dream of the filmmaker, the narrator and author was anchored in me.

My focus is always primarily on the story itself and in a second step on working with the actors as carriers of a vision. In this context, I see myself less as a designer, but rather as a supporter who helps the actor on his way to the role, and as a link in a team. Although I love to deal with the visual, the focus is always on the human being as a medium of narration, both practically and thematically, in a first step. My goal is therefore always to help the actor to call up his potential in order to bring a story to life that goes beyond our common imagination.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?’ Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine” Marianne Williamson

The Voice


T he desire to play with language, as paradoxical as it may sound, came to me rather late. Voice and language are immanent expressions of the personal and were rather obstructive in the attempt of my young self to hide my innermost self out of shame and a feeling of inadequacy. For too long I have struggled with my dialect, my origins and my false images of being man and man.

But in the meantime all the work around my voice has paid off and with many things that were not suitable for me before, I have made peace and made it my strength.

I have always loved language(s) and dialects, but playing with them and enjoying the challenge of creating stories with just voice and sound has only gradually grown. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an ebook, a children’s story, advertising or a telephone loop. With all the genre-specific differences, it is always about conveying, triggering inner images and encouraging people to listen.

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The Host

On/Off Air

H osting came rather later in my life, and considering my passion for talking, that is a little surprising. It was only after I was able to present myself authentically as an “I” and not as a template for a moderator, or what I thought I was, that success and joy in the matter were possible. In terms of content it is always important to me not only to be a talking doll, but also to know what I am talking about. My journalistic and scientific roots are therefore essential for me and a guideline for my actions.

What I love about moderation is the spontaneity, the need to be able to react to new circumstances at any moment. I also like to present in English and I am convinced that as a presenter it is primarily my job to entertain my guests and that is something that gives me a hell of a lot of pleasure.

It is always about connecting people and with people and in this context I am creative and open for the extraordinary. Other roles, shrill outfits and spontaneous things are always a must for me as an actor. I don’t always have to be Peter Windhofer; it can also be Fritz Peter (ORF 1, Gute Nacht Österreich), Mozart, a teacher or whatever and whoever, who elegantly and entertainingly leads your audience through the evening and makes your message heard and noticed.

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The Coach


A s the son of a family of teachers, I successfully fought against the profession of a teacher for years, but I could never completely deny my origin and character, and the older I get, the more I understand that being a teacher will and must be an ever greater part of my life, because I do it simply out of great joy and enthusiasm.


To see people grow and learn and to help them do so makes me happy. The didactic is of immanent importance in everything I do, even if it was not obvious to me for a long time. Although in the first years after my studies everything resisted this family appropriation, I gradually grew more and more into this role and found my playing field for it. Not as a classical elementary school teacher, but as a coach and acting teacher, and if you browse through the other chapters of my website, you will probably understand my approach. To be a human being with pleasure and success is the mantra of my mediation attempts. On all levels it is always an act of discovery, learning and also feeling. My experiences on stage, in front of the camera, in sports and life should offer a new view and help to the people who work with me.

The realization that teaching and acting are not so different was a great liberation and since then I see more and more concretely how both can be fertilized. Good teachers are always good storytellers, entertainers and communicators who not only quote knowledge, but make it emotionally accessible and also anchor it.

I am convinced that I can help the people who come to me to talk, moderate and present better with my experiences. However, my aim is not just to make people function, but to help develop them into authentic and self-confident communicators. A person who feels joy in what he does and who is successful in getting his message across to his target group because he can act authentically, truthfully and at the same time in a structured way, aware of his impact and message.

(Skype sessions are of course also possible at any time).

Speaker Coaching

You are a moderator or in a leading position and want to work on your appearance? Then we will try to work together on the technical requirements such as voice, body and breath and then anchor the whole thing from the perspective of your personality.

Acting Coaching

I try to help the actor to use his own artistic talent and make it tangible. A self-confident and accepting actor will be able to make the whole range of his instrument sound, experiencing joy and leaving fears and blockades behind. Building on this basis, we work together to meet the specific requirements of the scene and the character. Playful freedom should be experienced again!

Life Coaching

In life, we often get caught up in the constantly repeating monotony of our patterns and before we realize it, we are now a passenger in our own lives. The courage to leave the often overwhelming comfort zone and to discover and reposition ourselves in this world is the goal of our efforts.

TV Akademie

I can recommend Peter Altman's TV Academy to all those who want to train more intensively, in the form of a course, as presenters and speakers. In addition to myself, Peter Altman, Andrea Radakovits, Sarah Vianney and current Ö3 presenters are working there, who pass on their know-how as teachers.

The Enemy is fear, we think it is hate, but it is fear!

- Mahatma Gandhi