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Peter Windhofer

The Enemy is fear. We think it is hate, but it is fear!

(Mahatma Gandhi)



As an Actor and Storyteller i am convinced that by creating stories and revealing our true self we can shape this planet and make it hopefully a better place, because acting has always been a way to get in touch with myself and the “other” by exploring our demons and hopes alike. Past the dimension of Ego and fear acting has presented me with the gift to explore and challenge my vulnerabilty, my love and my joy and only in the togetherness lies what makes me real, what makes me dance and sing throughout; there lies the essence of art end life. A Moment of letting go, taking a leap of faith and being in the moment.

Thus said, I am deeply convinced that man and actor cannot be separated. All the issues that accompany, define and are a challenge to me as a person are the same issues that make me or hinder me on stage. It is doesn’t take courage to play a part, but to show and reveal myself in all my shades in this part. It’s not the pretence that touches and impresses, but the courage to fully commit to myself and the character – moment by moment, beat by beat and day by da in real life.

I worked in Film, TV, Theater and Musical and in 2016 I won the AWARD for Shooting Star International at Vienna Film Ball.



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I have been working on and off air internationally as an host for years now and would be delighted to be yours in the future! I have furthermore been working and Coaching other Hosts, Actors and professional communicators. For more info please go to


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Peter Windhofer
Vienna , Austria 2022

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